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Classic Edge proportions with straightforward, modular construction and
?snap-in/lock-in? components for ease of changes, upgrades or service.
Models include 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 strobe lightheads plus up to ten secondary
warning, halogen or LED modules. Optional, built-in Traffic Advisor in strobe,
LED or halogen versions. Lamp modules and slide-in lenses are of equal size and
can be placed anywhere in the lightbar. End caps with clear lenses and color inner
filters allow individual color selection of front and rear strobes.

Color filters are also available for duplex light modules. Optional Scan-Lock flash pattern
control (using an external connection) that lets you toggle through ten strobe, six halogen or
sixteen LED flash patterns, and lock in the pattern you select. Selected pattern is
stored in non-volatile memory until you decide to change. Scan-Lock allows each power supply and
each flasher board to be programmed in a different flash pattern. Select up to 3 power supplies (12 strobes max.) and 2 flasher boards per lightbar (8 halogen flashers).

Each flasher runs up to 4 lightheads and includes steady-burn override for one
pair of lights to be used for flashing take-downs, etc.
All non-duplex options are available in kit form, field-upgradeable by distributor,
installer or user. Passenger side, 15? external cable harness, standard on 9M Low ?LC? Current lightbars, includes two (8 gauge) power cables to the battery, and sixteen low power (22
gauge) function wires for connection to the customer supplied switch control.

These low power function wires need less than 1/2 amp to operate, allow for simple
operational independence of each lightbar control function, and make wiring a snap!
Optional driver side cable exit with 25? power cable.
Three standard lengths: 44?, 50? & 55?. Custom lengths are 60?, 66?, 72?, 77?,
82?, 88?, 93? & 98?.
Permanent mount available with a variety of gutter mounting options.