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High performance dash light with low cost.
Brilliant 5mm LEDs in a slim low profile housing
for deck mounting against the windshield with 3
suction cups. Multiple Scan-Lock flash patterns.
Available in solid or split colors. Size: 1-5/8?
(42mm) H x 2-3/4? (70mm) D x 12-7/8?
(326mm) L.
Avenger Series
Linear Super-LED lamps and small size and clear outer lens makes it barely detectable until powered on. Single, dual or split modules. Swivel/bail bracket with 3 suction cups, and snap-on polycarbonate hood. AVN Models: 27 Scan-Lock patterns on single unit, 54 on dual. 8' cord with cigar plug On/Off switch and Scan-Lock pattern switch. AVNS Synchronized Models: 34 Scan-Lock patterns on single unit, 69 on dual. Phase 1 and 2 for alternate and simultaneous flashing. Can be synchronized with other synchronizable products. Standard 4-wire pigtails. Overall size: variable adjustable height; 3" to 5? (76mm to 127mm) H x 4-7/8"(122mm) D x 5" (127mm) single, 9-3/4" (249mm) dual, L.

Raider  Series
500 Series Linear Super-LED lighting available in single or dual flashing
models. Extruded aluminum housing with slide bolt mount from the top,
bottom or back of housing for versatile mounting options. Weather resistant
design makes this the ideal light for mounting externally.
Size: 2-3/8? (60mm) H x 1-7/8? (48mm) D x 5-1/2? (140mm) or 11?
(279mm) L.
SlimLighter LED
Ultra slim profile dash light. Dual LED, or TIR6 Super-LED lamp panels.
Attaches to the windshield with suction cup mounting swivel brackets or
permanently to headliner or deck. Airbag compatible. 20 selectable flash
patterns. On/Off and pattern select switches are located on back of
assembly. Cigar plug and 8? straight cord, standard. Super-LED model
includes cigar plug with On/Off switch and LED indicator. LEDs are available
in red, amber, blue, white and combination. Optional bail bracket
available. Size: 2?(52mm) H x 1-3/16?(46mm) D x 16-3/8?(416mm) L.
Dominator and Dominator Plus Series
TIR3  Super-LED for the Dominator Series and super bright LINZ6 Super-LED for the Dominator Plus Series.
Available as a six or eight light array Traffic Advisor or in two, four, six or eight light flashing models. Rugged aluminum housing with slide bolt mount. Fully encapsulated and fully waterproof with internal self-contained electronics. Light modules available in red, amber, white and blue. Options include suction cup bracket and cigar plug cord kit, swivel bracket kit, "L" angle bracket kit and rear mount kit for 2008-09 Tahoe. Size: 1-3/4? (44mm) H x 2-3/16? (60mm) D x 7? (178mm) or 14? (356mm) or 21? (533mm) or 28? (711mm) or 48" (122cm) L.