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?Four Extended Corner Linear-LEDs adds increased lighting coverage to each side of the lightbar.
? Add up to12 "LINEAR8" LED directional modules, for a total of 16 linear LED modules.
? All Linear-LED lightbar featuring the next generation of ultra bright, ultra wide-angle LED technology
? Build your lightbar in any color combination with take-downs and LED modules in any position you want
? Sleek aerodynamic profile with state-of-the-art optics
? Optoinal halogen take-downs and alley lights.
? Optional five or six LED Traffic Advisor with ultra high intensity TIR6 LED modules.
? Clear outer lenses are standard, optional color lenses are available
? Each group of four LED lightheads are driven by an all electronic module that provides proper input power and choice of flash patterns. You are assured of equal light intensity fron each lighthead through a voltage range of 10-16 VDC.
? ScanLock‰?˘ allows you to scan through ten flash patterns and lock in the desired pattern. Every pair of lights can have it?s own unique pattern.
? All models exceed SAE requirements
? Extruded aluminum chassis provides superb strength and stability
? Slightly wider footprint provides greater stability and weight distribution on the thinner roof construction of today?s vehicles
? All LED modules feature new wide angle design for increases performance
? Low "LC" Current operation uses a small diameter external cable harness for operation with standard or low current switch controls or micro switches
? Pre-wired with 15? passenger side cable exit