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Lowest cost, full function 100 watt electronic siren we offer. Meets SAE Class
A sound requirements when used with most 100 watt speakers. Hands-Free
and public address operation, nine Scan-Lock? siren tones and horn ring
override capability with real time diagnostics. California Title XIII ready. LED
backlighting, PA volume knob, noise-cancelling microphone, On/Off switch,
manual button and 7-position rotary switch. Pre-wired with quick disconnect
plug for easy service and prompt replacement.
100 and 200 watt versions.
Model EPSL2S7 features seven power control outlets.
Model EPSL2S4 provides four power control outlets.

Remote Siren with Hand-Held Controller
User definable functionality!
Windows¨ based program allows full custom setup configuration of each of the 12
buttons to control desired light and siren functions. Now you can easily control all light
and siren functions remotely using the Hands-Free feature, from this compact hand held
controller with built-in microphone. Moisture-resistant controller features twelve rubberized,
back-lit push buttons including progressive three position push button lighting
control. The unit is microprocessor controlled and rated for up to two 100 watt speakers.
Meets SAE Class 1 when used with Whelen 100 watt speakers. Model HHS2200.
Full function plus radio repeat and PA. 17 Scan-
Lock siren tones. Backward compatible with
295HFSA1. Includes pre-wired unidirectional microphone.
Size: 2-1/2? 63mm) H x 6? (152mm) W
x 7? (178mm) D. Weight: 4 lbs. 10 oz. (2.1kg)
Full function siren with nine low current switch controls for lighting functions.
Surface or under-dash mount control head with remote amplifier. Four position
slide switch, five push-on/push-off switches and one momentary switch. Directly
compatible with Edge¨ lightbars with low current switching. Control head size:
3-3/8? (86mm) H x 6? (152mm) W x 2-3/8? (60mm) D. Weight: 1-1/2 lbs.,
(.7kg) Amplifier size: 2-3/8? (60mm) H x 6? (152mm) W x 7? (178mm) D.
Weight: 3-1/2 lbs., (1.6kg)
100 watt siren, choose from remote electronic mechanical tone siren and
airhorn or wail, Power Call¨, warble & whoop & airhorn via dip switch, for use with remote
switches, purchased separately.
Size: 2-3/8" (60mm) H x 7-1/8" (181mm) W x 4" (102mm) D. Weight: 2 lbs., 7oz. (1.1kg)
SA314A, SA314B, SA315P
Projector? Series
Narrow, high performance, multi-port 100 watt speaker provides ease of mounting. Installs to
vehicle?s cross member in minutes. Available in non-corrosive natural cast aluminum,
black cast aluminum or nylon composite housing. OSHA 1910.95 compliant.
Exceeds CA Title XIII, Class A and SAE J1849 requirements.
Optional polished trim rings and a wide variety of mounting brackets available.
SA314 Size: 6-3/16? (156mm) H x 6-7/16? (163mm) W x 3-1/8? (79mm) D.
SA315 Size: 6-1/2? (165mm) H x 6-1/2? (165mm) W x 2-7/8? (74mm) D.
Easy retrofit to any existing Edge¨ classic & 9M
Lightbar. Field replaceable driver and diaphragm
assembly. Heavy-duty polycarbonate housing, flat black
finish. 100 watt. Weight: 11 lbs., (5kg)